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When will my scale arrive?


Shipping and delivery will vary.
Local delivery can be arranged with you in person. 

What happens if an item is damaged or lost during shipping?


Please contact us at if your item is lost or damaged during shipping so we can correct the matter. 


Do you ship Canada-wide?

We do ship many products Canada-wide. 


Do you offer local delivery?

We offer local delivery. Please contact us for more information at


What is Legal For trade?

Rose Scale is approved by Measurement Canada to certify and service Legal For Trade devices. weighing and measuring devices — including scales used for trade in Canada must meet stringent standards Set by the Weights and Measures act. Under the Weights and Measures act, trade is defined as the selling, purchasing, exchanging, consigning, leasing or providing of any commodity, right, facility or service on the basis of measure and includes the business of providing facilities for measuring. If you are unsure if your business requires for legal for trade certification, please Contact us.

We install, deliver, service and repair all our scales.

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