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Heavy Industrial Scales

We are a multi-brand dealer of heavy industrial scales including brands such as; Cardinal, Rice Lake, Active Scale, Ishida, CAS, Kilotech and many more.

truck scale.jpg

Truck Scale

Experience accuracy and efficiency with our truck scales. Backed by 60 years of industry expertise. We sell Canadian manufactured truck scales and work closely with our suppliers to provide you with heavy duty accurate truck scales that are simple to service and maintain. from Agricultural to recycling applications we have a solution for you! Contact us for more information.

Conveyor scale.jpg

Conveyor Scale 

Ideal for aggregate and stacking applications. We offer installation services and calibrations for belt scales and stacker scales. Call today for pricing and information.

Floor scales.jpg

Floor Scale

Ideal for weighing large objects or general shipping and receiving we offer a curated selection of high quality brands in various sizes, capacities, materials, and coatings ready for any environment. Contact us with your needs to get you the right solution.

Loader scale.png

Loader Scales

We offer universal mount aftermarket loader scales for any make/model of loader. Contact us today for pricing.

overhead rail scale.png

Rail Scales

Perfect for pig and poultry application we offer low maintenance heavy duty overhead railscales. Contact us today for pricing.

We install, deliver, service and repair all our scales.

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